hey, i'm krissie. 

I am a sassy wedding photographer living in Olympia, Washington. I say "gal" and "y'all" a lot because I'm originally a native of Texas. I give hugs. I LOVE hugs, I should say. I like my curly hair best when it has pink in it. I can never pick which bands or which movie is my favorite, so just don't ask me. I'm married to this really cute guy named Bryce and we have two fluffy fur baby cats named Juniper and Potato. We met at a summer camp in Texas and were both on the media team, shooting all the pics and taking all the videos. It was real cute. If you're lucky, he just might be who I have second shooting with me at your wedding! We believe in Jesus Christ and he gives us the love and inspiration that keeps us going.

I started in 2014 photographing weddings specifically. And believe me...you do NOT want to see those photos. So rough. I'm self taught with my photography, learning all of it by doing. It's been a wonderful experience taking it on for myself and shaping my craft into what I want it to be. I'm inspired by the emotion I see in my couples and that motivates my creativity a heck of a lot! I go for feeling in my photography and try to keep things from being too posed and unnatural. I want my couples to look at their photos and see themselves, not some Ken and Barbie that posed for pics on their wedding day because that's what they were "supposed to do". I love when moments happen naturally and I can get up in there to take an amazing photo. (The opposite of that is when people say "hey, let's do this for a photo because we saw it on Pinterest". That's on the list of things I don't like..) I'm a very chill person, and I've been told that I make people feel a lot more calm and at ease, and I like to think that's true of me. I'm there for you on your wedding day 100%.


this is my face.

Things I do for you:

+hustle your people during group pics so that you can spend more time at your reception

+notice the details (like that hairtie you forgot on your wrist? Oh yeah, I’ve got that)

+keep you and your fiance’ laughing and laughing during portraits so you don’t feel awkward

+make you feel like royalty while we’re shooting (I’m very vocal while I shoot)

+help you come up with a timeline for your day that eases your mind and makes things run smooooooth