Words can't express how sweet this day was. And the fact that I got to be part of it still makes me feel like patting my heart and saying, "Awww." 

To be completely honest, this was my first wedding to shoot not as a second shooter. I still have much to learn and I think I will for a very long time (let's be honest - who ever actually stops learning in life? No one.). But David and Kristen were so patient and gracious and kind. They put their trust in me and that means a whole lot.

Mm, it was a really good day, y'all. Enjoy.

THAT ^^ dear friends, is the "Ohmygoshijustgotmarried!!!" face.

Shoutout to the best photographer to tag team this wedding with me. You rawk, Jerica.

Congratulations to you two! I was so honored to be a part of this day with you.