Nicole + Frazier. I literally am writing and rewriting this post because nothing is going to cut it. 

Nicole and I have known each other since we were litttttttle. Therefore being part of this day meant a lot to me, needless to say. It was so easy, like breathing. I would've bent over backwards for Nicole and Frazier if they'd needed me to. Nicole was one of the chillest brides. She and Frazier kept it about the important things, and I loved that. Weddings aren't about the traditions or what Pinterest is currently telling you to do. They're about the couple - about the marriage that lies ahead.

So I, of course, am mostly a photographer at the weddings I shoot. But there's also a big big part of me that is a friend at weddings. And another part of me that really hopes and prays that my brides are marrying men who are going to cherish them and adore them like I know they should be. I hadn't met Frazier until right before their first look. But when I met him, I instantly knew that he was perfect for Nicole. I knew he was going to care for her like no one else could. And gosh, I had so many tears this day because I knew my sweet friend had found her match. I truly and genuinely cherish being part of weddings. I am honored to be there on the biggest day of people's lives. 

Venue: The Arbor // Denton, TX

Hair: Sydney Lopez 

Makeup: Katie Glenn

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