So here's the thing. Pine Cove brought some of the brightest seasons in my life (I mean, duh, I met my own husband there. Holla!). But further than that, it has brought me some of my favorite couples and weddings to shoot!, I love Joey and Jess a whole lot. I think I cried a total of three times during this day. Joey adores Jess. I mean, treats her like there is NO one else as special or important as her. And Jessica absolutely glows in Joey's presence (I'm bringing the cheese, y'all. But it's the sincerest cheese possible). I was pretty sure all day long that Jess had to somehow be a Disney princess. These two were surrounded by people who deeply love them and I thought that was truly beautiful. They are known. They are cared for. They have support. They have people who are going to walk alongside them in married life and encourage them. I love that!

These are the weddings I want to keep shooting. The ones where they are honest to goodness in love with each other. The ones where they are more focused on that love than on the details. The ones I walk away from knowing that it's for sure going to last for ages and ages. 

Gotta give a shoutout to the awesome girl boss that is Stephanie Smith. I reached out to her to second shoot this with me, not knowing her at all, aside from her presence on Instagram. And I was honestly so enriched to have met her. PLUS, talk about being such a helpful second shooter! That gal is the real deal. Also, her art work is some of my favorite!