When I first saw Kaitlyn, I saw her pink hair and immediately thought, "OMG, I must take photos of her!" Because it's not common in Vicksburg to have pink or even vibrant colored hair, as far as I've seen. We pink haired people gotta stick together. Honestly, I'm not sure what would be going through my mind if some random gal came up to me asking to take my photos. But Kaitlyn was immediately kind and friendly to me. She was down for photos. YASSSSS.

This shoot gave me a lot of life. It was refreshing to me on many levels. Kaitlyn was so easy going and chill. I felt like I once again had the freedom to....DO. To do what I wanted. To create. To take time. To be steady and calculated. And to just shoot for fun and no reason at all. And that meant a lot to me.

Kaitlyn, you're a doll. Thank you so much for being in front of my camera and bashing around downtown Vicksburg with me.