Logan + Chrissie. High school sweethearts. Now man + wife.

I spent my teen years going over to the Hills' house every single week to hang out with Chrissie's sister Claire (hey girrrl), and consequently Chrissie as well. So we go way back. And this means that this girl and her family are very near and dear to my heart. My favorite type of weddings.

Sometimes I can't believe the luck I have, getting to shoot the weddings of two people like Logan and Chrissie. I can't tell you enough how sweet it is to feel a connection with a couple, as the photographer. To be able to hug the groom instead of shaking hands is high up in my book. To cry at the ceremony over the vows being said because you know the depth behind it all -- I'm all about that. (But let's be honest...I cry at most weddings anyway because I'm a baby). This job I get to do is pretty overwhelmingly wonderful (most days) and I can't say that enough.


A couple MAJOR shoutouts here:

First, to my awesome, spunky, getting-all-the-shots-I-didn't-have-my-eye-on Brynna Elzey -- you the real MVP, girl.

Second, to my sis Katie who made Chrissie look like an angel out of a fairy tale. Seriously, go book her before she gets famous or something.