A marriage should point others to Christ. It is a symbol of Christ's marriage to the church. And boy, oh boy, did Matt and Hannah's marriage point me back to Jesus and remind me of His love for me. I was so humbled to be part of this incredibly sweet day and to watch it all unfold. Definitely let loose quite a few happy tears!

Hannah and I worked together at camp a couple summers ago, so when she asked me to shoot her wedding, I was beyond thrilled! But the coolest part was whenever we facetimed to chat about it. She kept telling me how she and Matt wanted this wedding to be a blessing to others - that it wasn't about them. But it was all about God being exalted through them and their marriage. Um, queue the tears. How counter-cultural that is. When the world says that "this day is all about you", they pointed it back to Jesus and used it to bless others.

A huge shoutout to my friend Elijah for second shooting this wedding for me. I definitely couldn't have done it without him! (check out his stellar work here --> https://elijahweertsphotography.wordpress.com/)

That sweet, sweet moment when the bride realizes SHE is the bride.

Major heaping congrats to you both!! You will do wonderful things through your marriage.