I could gush and gush about Matt and Jennifer and how much I adored them and their wedding. We bashed around Seattle for almost two hours to take photos prior to their courthouse wedding and I loved every minute of it! Let me tell you — if you want a hecka ton of portraits, that’s the way to do it! Plan out some time to just run around and take photos at some amazing spots. And then let me photograph it ;)

So like I said.. I could gush and gush, but I’m actually not going to because I’ve asked Jennifer to step in and write some words about their wedding day so you can see it through her description, while seeing it through my lens.

>>Tell me in general what you want to about your day! The highs. The lows. All of it.

There are not many lows that come to mind when I think about the wedding day! There were so many highlights including: getting ready at my house with my closest friends, driving all around Seattle to take pictures with Krissie, Matt writing his vows at the Courthouse, the FOOD!, Frose, Matt and my best friend Jordy's speech, the after party in our honeymoon suite! And finally getting married to the love of my life. I know couples say this all the time but it really was perfect and I would not have changed a thing.

See the rest of her words throughout the blog!

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