chic. goofy. energetic. sincere. Nicole.

I love friendships that go waaaaay back. I'm talking 9 or 10 year old birthday parties and ballet classes together and lots and lots of sleepovers.

I shot Nicole's senior photos (college) back in November and am only JUST NOW getting around to posting them. Life's been just a hair cray cray. But I don't care about timing because I love how these photos turned out. Sweet and sassy Nicole with the baby brown eyes.

On an unrelated note, I just moved to Mississippi. It's so much different than Denton or just the DFW area. I'm not used to not having creative things oozing out of practically every nook and cranny (do people even use that phrase anymore?..). It's different. But that's ok, because "different" pushes you to do different things.

It's Wednesday. Drift away.