Let me just start out with the fact that when you give yourself PUH-LENTY of time on your wedding day, you won't regret it. Jessica and Tyler's day was so relaxed and just simply enjoyable. 

Secondly, I am now a HUGE fan of first-looks before the ceremony. Some people still look at me crazy when I ask if they're doing a first look. But here are the benefits, people. A) Time together before the ceremony to calm down, be with your honey, and reflect on this day together. B) Adding a big chunk of time to your schedule before the ceremony to take photos. Then after your ceremony, all you have to worry about is taking those family photos before your reception. And let's face it: which photos are you going to end up hanging on the wall? *the ones of you two*  C) In the end, you'll be having a first look either way. It's just deciding whether you want people there or not. All that really matters is you seeing each other. Be daring. Say no to traditional. This is your wedding, not tradition's. 

Thirdly, (if you didn't get lost in that paragraph), my heart was so melty all evening long at seeing Tyler and Jessica's precious love for each other. I knew whenever I first met Jess that I was going to love shooting this wedding. Good thing I know my gut.