Some weddings just really fill you up as a photographer. Some weddings remind you of why you're doing this in the first place. And some weddings make you go home and squeeze your husband just a little tighter because all that sweet love reminds you of what you have as well. 

I want to shoot weddings that are laid back, like Brooke and Aaron's, for forever. I want to shoot weddings that are just that - a wedding - not an event, not a show, not trying to make a photo-op at every turn. People who do it their own dang way and forget about the rest. I want my feet to hurt at the end of the day, but my heart to be full because of such strong love that I got to witness.

P.S. First looks are the BEST. 

P.S.S. Isn't Brooke's dress aaaahhhmaaazing?? I was swooning over it the whole day long.

Shoutout to Kat Malone for being my sidekick on this one. You're the real MVP, girl.