Good golly. I absolutely loved shooting Maggie and Coleson's wedding. Ever since the moment Maggie first contacted me about being their photographer, I knew that this was gonna be good. I have good intuition and this just further confirmed that.

I was reminded at their wedding of the beauty of community and being absolutely surrounded by people who know and love you. I could sense the love that all their friends and family have for them, and it was just so sweet to see them all come around the two of them to lift up, encourage, and honor. Community is a gift, people. Don't neglect it.

Also, Coleson and Maggie know how to throw a partaaayyyy! Holla!

And then they had a donut pyramid. WUT. My mouth still waters over this photo.

I'm so so thankful to have gotten to be your photographer, Maggie and Coleson. And grateful to become better friends with you. What an absolute privilege! Congratulations to you both!!

Shoutout to my INCREDIBLY TALENTED second shooter Hailey. Absolutely blown away by her talent.