Mmmmmmhm. This wedding still makes my heart really happy. Right from the get-go, I felt like I was part of something so very special. I could feel Laura's deep love and respect for this man she was marrying. I could see the adoration Josh had for Laura written all over his face. I felt the celebration of friends and family who knew them inside and out. It was thrilling.

I love what I do. I can't say that enough. 

A huge thank you to my homegirl Jordan of Jordan Blalock Photography for being my second shooter. She is the bomb.

I live for these moments. Ugh. It makes my heart so melty!

So Josh and Laura learned the whole dance from the end of Dirty Dancing. MIND BLOWN. You can see part of it here thanks to Jordan!

I wish you all the best, you two. You are both some of the kindest most genuine people I've yet to meet.